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Architecture and Landscape Photography, is a genre intended to show different spaces within the World. Sometimes vast and unending. Some images are so stunning, and breathtaking words can not begin to describe such setting. Each Photographer has his or her own style.  We
can shoot the same object or subject, but if we look close enough, there will be something different in each image. I think it has a lot to do with our body heat and the energy we send to our Camera(s). Whatever it may be capturing beautiful images, it's an essential to see.  Just shooting an image as I see it make my work as a Photographer so rewarding and it just feel so good enjoying what

makes me HAPPY. What I bring to the public is what I enjoy! before I shoot an image I try to visualize in my mind what I expect of my object or subject I am focusing on, it's a known fact all images are not perfect but that is the fun of loving what I do I just concentrate and put my heart into what I am shooting because my work will display what I am feeling, that is why, when I shoot I believe in giving my best . I am not much into Photoshop other than adding my logo to my work, I like the realism of my work nothing has been alter, it's my way of saying what one may see in my work is my shooting from my heart and soul.  I see no need to manipulate my work, if I would do so it would not be my doing entirely, so I stay clear of Photoshop and put my talent forward to the best of my knowing how more so the ability of doing so. To slumber in my outlook with Photography would be saying, I lost some of my focus, but too keep my focus, I must be serious about what I do as a Photographer.  Which means to love or enjoy something says it all by the effort and action I put into what I do. Photography is not easy, it's a daily process, if done well it can become easier but I have learned never take it lightly, just a small body movement can offset any photograph.  A while back I was challenged on Photography 
someone said to me it's the camera that compensate the image, I told them through my experience, the camera is only a tool, but it's up to the photographer to bring out the best in their work. To have the support of friends, I can not put into words how much this is appreciated. My focus is, continue to work towards becoming a better Photographer. When something feels so good, there's not a doubt, it's RIGHT, one particular friend of mines, periodically tells me, that Photography suits me so well.
 A friend that is a fellow photographer sent me a poster, that said three (3) things I find quite amusing, as a photographer I can relate too what the poster stated. #1 We work well from many angles. #2 We work well with many settings. #3 We can find beauty in all things. This is exactly how we.  Define Beauty.
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There are so many words that can be used to explain photography my own words are for the love of it. I will have a debate about the art, I respect anyone opinion but my beliefs can always be different but I do what I feel is right for me. If someone try to discredit what I believe in, I will defend myself, with a smile on my face, that is part of anything, never slack off on anything, when you feel in your heart it's right for you. In every aspect there is a vision for being different, I would not try to be like anyone ELSE, it's a sense of pride being comfortable with who I am.  When anything is so fitting it's always, good to continue moving forward, I published a book, it adds more about who I am, if interested, please go to hardcover-book/Bitter-Sweet/133751473, if that does not work go to Biographies/Memoirs and type in my name and title.
To solve all. My book can be found on my ISBN 978-1300887201, I am also working on  my images and design
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"It's the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it ~ Aristotle.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind, don't matter and those who matter, don't mind. ~ Dr. Seuss.